Are you a coffee lover? Are you constantly craving for a cup of coffee every day?

What type of coffee are you craving for everyday? Espresso? Macchiato? Latte? Cappuccino? There are so many different types of coffee you can choose, so your food and pastries damansara kim daily craving will be so much fun.

Usually what will happen in the morning at most of the coffee shop is, you will see the coffee shop filled with people queuing for a cup of coffee before they go to work.

It doesn’t mean using a higher price to get a “better” class of coffee will give you extra benefits. Sometimes the normal coffee we usually see in the supermarket can also taste really good.

Never ever, keeping your coffee too long in the fridge, not for more than 4 months. If you do so, your coffee will end up being tasteless. Not only tasteless, the colour of your coffee beans will also change. If you ever see the colour of your coffee bean changed, stop consuming it.

Do you know you can roast your own coffee bean? It is totally fine if you can’t find your desire coffee bean. Roasting your own coffee beans are also one of the best ways, knowing every cup of your coffee are organic and safe to consume without any artificial in it.

To sum up, there is nothing free in this world. If you want the best cup of coffee in your daily kick start, you definitely need extra effort to understand about coffee bean. Homemade coffee is definitely one of the best choices for you.

Yes, you might need to wake up early in the morning to brew your own cup of coffee, but it helps you saving a huge amount of cost.

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